Presence Sensor 20m max1000W IP65 silver THORGEON

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  • Thorgeron light bulbs halogen led

Discover the advanced 300W Presence Sensor, designed for optimal motion detection lighting. Ideal for energy-saving and effective illumination solutions.



Technical data
Item condition New
Mounting method Surface mounted (plaster)
Colour Aluminium
Width 102.5 mm
Height 102.5 mm
Depth 58.3 mm
Connection type Screwed terminal
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Max. transmission range frontally 20 m
Max. switching power 2000 W
Scan angle 360 °
Nominal voltage 220-240
Degree of protection (IP) IP65
Min. switch-on time 10 s
Max. duty cycle 30 min
Response value luminosity adjustable Yes
Max. switching power LED 300 W
Sensor type Passive infrared
Other Technical data
Surface protection Anodised
Creep-under protection No
Voltage type AC
Built-in depth 102 mm
With remote control No
Staircase monitoring No
Bridging switch No
Suitable for wireless transmission No
Temperature -20-+40 °C
Response value sensitivity adjustable Yes
Dim function with dimmer basic element No
Response value luminosity 3-2000 lx
Suitable for C-load No
Remote operation No
HVAC-control No
Constant light control Yes
Substation input No
RAL-number (similar) 0
With signal unit No
Teach-function for response value luminosity No
Networkable No
Forced switch off No
With alarm function No
Animal zone No
Suitable for wall mounting No
Optimum mounting height 2.2-6 m
With DALI interface No
IFTTT support available No
Suitable for indoor installation Yes
Suitable for outdoor installation Yes
Forced switch on No
Compatible with Apple HomeKit No
Compatible with Google Assistant No
Compatible with Amazon Alexa No
Suitable for ceiling mounting Yes

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